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Pipelines Utility Development

Pipelines is a command-line utility written in PHP [PHP] and developed as a composer [COMPOSER] package with a phar file build [PHAR].

The currently pinned composer version is 2.1.11, pinning the version is mostly important for the phar build as it is not reproducible otherwise. In general any version of composer is supported.

Composer 2 Support

Composer 2 is the standard in the Pipelines project. Previously it was Composer 1.

Just note that the composer.lock file should be written with the pinned composer version.

Currently the composer.lock targets a PHP 7.4 system with Phpunit 9 for development. It should be similar for PHP 8.0.

Xdebug 3 Support

Xdebug 3.0.0 [XDEBUG] is supported but may make some tests, especially the PHPT tests, fail (segmentation faults). If so then check you have got the latest Xdebug 3 version. As a fall-back Xdebug 2 can be used for any PHP version below PHP 8.0. See Supported Versions and Compatibility also for older Xdebug and PHP versions .

After checkout run composer install to bootstrap and composer ci for the local CI. It will also run pipelines pipelines, so docker is required, the shell tests require bash. Use composer run-script --list to get a list of all composer scripts.

composer ci should run through after checkout and before committing any changes. while developing, composer dev is a good intermediate.

PHP Backwards Compatibility

Even the pipelines project accepts issues/PRs with pseudo-code, when it is about concrete PHP code, the requirement is that it is (backwards) compatible with PHP 5.3.3 (released Jul 2010). This is not a common requirement and the pipelines project tries to offer support even in local development (like running the phpunit tests under the minimum version as a custom pipeline). If you use Phpstorm [PHPSTORM] enable the PHP 5.3 language level for your cloned pipelines project. This helps preventing falling into new language syntax unnoticed.

In any case don't fear, this is normally easy to sort-out. Just leave a comment in case things didn't work for you out of the box and share the PHP version in use.

Support of Different PHP Versions

While pipelines runs and builds on PHP 5.3.3+, the PHP version when developing pipelines may differ.

Please see the following table for a break-down based on PHP versions incl. remarks:

CAPABILITY 5.3 5.4 5.5 5.6 7.0 7.1 7.2 7.3 7.4 8.0 8.1
composer *1 X X X X X X X X X X X
phpunit (version) X (4) X (4 *2) X (4 *2) X (5) X (6) X (6) X (7) X (8) X (8/ 9 *3) X (8 *2/ 9) X (8 *2/ 9)
phar-build X X X X X X X X X X X
php-cs-fixer X X X *4
xdebug 3 *5 X *6 X X X X
  1. Composer 1 and 2 are supported.
  2. Configuration expected to work but undefined in (local) CI. See as well Phpunit/PHP version compatibility matrix [PHPUNIT], e.g. it is possible to run PHP 8 with Phpunit 8 (since 30th Nov 2020).
  3. Phpunit 9 is used in the local development package (composer.lock), remote Travis CI [TRAVIS-CI] is using a Phpunit 8 profile for PHP 7.4.
  4. PHP-CS-Fixer is used in pipelines to control the code style, so relatively central in the CI pipeline. Unfortunately, it does (did) not cover all the PHP versions that pipelines supports. Especially with PHP 8.1 it refuses to install with composer. This requires to fake the PHP version (e.g. as 7.4.99) or to use the --ignore-platform-reqs - or more precisely --ignore-platform-req=php - option of composer to install with PHP 8.1.
  5. Xdebug 3 is required for PHP 8 and in tests for all PHP versions it supports. It is somewhat new, segfaults may have been spotted in CI runs (local, on Scrutinizer). Check the version, and then an upgrade. Pipelines uses Xdebug in development for code-coverage and step-debugging. See Xdebug 3 Support above.
  6. Xdebug 3 support for PHP 7.2 is limited to security support. Same applies to Xdebug 2.9 for PHP 7.2. No other Xdebug version next to 3.0 or 2.9 is supported at all for PHP 7.2. See Xdebug 3 Support above. Currently the test-suite does not work for PHP 7.2 and Xdebug 3 running on Phpunit 7.

PHP Version and Reproducible PHAR Build

The phar build, on a clean checkout, with the pinned composer version creates the same phar file (signature/checksum) regardless of the php version in use.

Invoke the phar build with:

composer build

Afterwards find the phar-file as build/pipelines.phar.

Test / Build with Different PHP Versions

The local CI can be run with different php versions by running composer with a specific PHP version:

php8.0 -f "$(composer which)" -- ci
(use ci or any other project composer script command)

The shell tests and many other scripts when using PHP are respecting the PHP_BINARY environment variable:

$ PHP_BINARY=php5.6 lib/script/ self-test
ppconf self-test
bash....: /bin/bash                         GNU bash, version 4.4.20(1)-release (x86_64-pc-linux-gnu)
composer: /home/user/bin/composer           Composer version 1.10.17 2020-10-30 22:31:58 (/home/user/bin/composer.phar)
find....: /usr/bin/find                     find (GNU findutils) 4.7.0-git
gpg.....: /usr/bin/gpg                      gpg (GnuPG) 2.2.4
make....: /usr/bin/make                     GNU Make 4.1
openssl.: /usr/bin/openssl                  OpenSSL 1.1.1g  21 Apr 2020
os......: NAME="Ubuntu"
os......: VERSION="18.04.5 LTS (Bionic Beaver)"
os......: ID=ubuntu
php.....: /usr/bin/php5.6                   PHP (cli)  (/usr/bin/php5.6)
python..: /usr/bin/python                   Python 2.7.17
python3.: /usr/bin/python3                  Python 3.6.9
sed.....: /bin/sed                          sed (GNU sed) 4.4
sh......: /bin/sh                           /bin/dash
tar.....: /bin/tar                          tar (GNU tar) 1.29
unzip...: /usr/bin/unzip                    UnZip 6.00 of 20 April 2009, by Debian. Original by Info-ZIP.
xdebug..: no
(note the given "php" version information)