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Configuration Parameters

Currently there are some configuration parameters for pipelines.

They can be set with -c <name>=<value> and are set to their default values. There is yet no configuration file or similar.


Path of the docker client binary within the pipeline step container.

  • Default: /usr/bin/docker
  • Related option: --docker-client


Path to docker socket file, mount point within the container to mount the docker socket and as well to check for the docker socket on the host and within mount binds.


Executing the step and after scripts use set -e to exit early.

To eliminate side-effects, a more strict check after each script command can be enabled by setting the parameter to true with the effect that set -e / set +e is ineffective and the step script stops after any shell pipe with a non-zero exit status.

  • Default: false (bool).


Mount point / destination of the project files within a pipeline step container.

Is the absolute path inside the container and must start with a slash (/), multiple directory components are supported, none of them must be relative (no . or .. segments allowed). The path must not end with a slash.